iKube, Caravans v Motorhomes & Bee Garden Infographics

Towergate Insurance supply over 200 specialist car, home and travel insurance policies. I was asked to create 3 separate infographics for use on the Towergate website;


iKube. Young driver insurance offering fully comprehensive cover and discounts not normally offered to motorists between the ages of 17 and 25. This infographic illustrates who the policy is aimed at and the benefits it brings.


Caravans vs Motorhomes. For many people entering the market for a leisure vehicle they might already have an idea in mind of whether they're going to go for a caravan or a motorhome. This infographic was designed to help people weigh up the statistics before deciding which to purchase.


Tips for creating a bee garden haven. Not only are bee populations struggling across the world they also provide a valuable service to crops and gardens. This infographic shows how you can easily create a garden haven for bees that not only provides easy to gather pollen but rest areas and shady spots that will keep them coming back.

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Towergate Insurance


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